It's a special evening, honoring:


High School
STEM Merit Honorees


Local, female students who are excelling in STEM are nominated by their teachers and honored with a ceremony and frameable certificate!

UNR Society of Women
Engineers Graduates


UNR’s SWE members who are graduating this year are honored with a SWE graduation stole and a special SWE star gift!

Corporate Achievement


Members of the community, women and men, are recognized by their companies and friends for their leadership in STEM outreach!

  • She is the first female student at the school to take both Advanced Placement (AP) Computer Science A and AP Computer Science Principles. She is an outstanding student who is at the top of the class in both AP Computer Science classes.

    — Educator, George Whittell High School
  • She loves biology and goes above and beyond in all fields of study. She put together the most impressive neuroscience presentation in my class that by far surpassed her peers. She has been selected to be a Teacher’s Assistant for Advanced Biology next year because she has such an in-depth understanding of the subject area.
    — Educator, Davidson Academy
  • I have had this student for two separate honors math class and she not only excels at the curriculum but is also dedicated to her education. It is an honor to be part of her educational journey.
    — Educator, Reed High School
  • She has a genuine passion for our Earth and is fueled with motivation to gain an education through schooling and experiences that will allow her to make and promote positive changes needed to protect it.
    — Educator, Douglas High School